Tuesday, April 29, 2008

7 Random Things...Tagged by Kenz

I am a HUGE homebody. I never really realized this until I married Alec, who is the biggest homebody I know. So this basically means if you want to hang out with us a great place to find us is our home and chances of getting me to leave it is actually pretty hard especially after a long day of work.

2. I LOVE coffee. I have to have a cup of coffee every morning, sad I know. Its so bad that one day we were out of coffee at our house so I didn't have any to take to school and my kids were freaking out because I didn't have my green coffee mug. Let's just say that only happened once :)

3. I want to be a photographer. I love teaching and know that it is one of my God given gifts. But I love taking pictures. It doesn't matter what it is I love to take pictures of it. One day I would love to pursue this professionally, but who knows what the Lord has planned.

4. I LOVE to travel and see new things. I think there is just to much that God has created not to experience it! I hope that I get to do a lot more of this in my future...as for now traveling is a distant dream.

5. I like to burn candles my husband on the other hand says that its like burning money (I guess that's the accountant in him). But he seems to be coming around.

6. I am always early. Not much more to it. I hate to be late....and if I think that I am going to be late I get extremely anxious and a little nervous. I've always been that way. I was the kid in high school who got there 30 minutes before class started...I know dorky...I just can't help it!

7. I used to play golf...a lot. My Dad loves golf so as a child/teenager I spent a lot of time at the country club. I even have a few trophies from golf tournaments...I might have been pretty good if I would have kept with it...who knows maybe I'll pick it up again.

I now tag: Melanie

P.S. Christiane, you should just start a blog but don't tell Dylan :) Or start one and maybe that will spur him to design you a blog soon! Please, Please, Please!

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Melanie said...

So if you tag me does that mean I put up 7 random things on my blog? And p.s. I love love love your puppy! so cute! Our puppies should be best friends and get married!