Tuesday, May 5, 2009



It seems that as I get older the more and more I value my friendships. I don't know, maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not a self absorbed teenager anymore. Regardless, my very  sweet dear elementary school friend, Christiane, graduated from Nursing school last Friday. I wouldn't have thought of being anywhere but there for her! We have spent many huge life changing events together and will experience many many more! I am so grateful to have such a loyal and trustworthy friend! Love you and I'm so proud of all you've accomplished! I can't imagine there is a better nurse out there!

Here is a little wrap up of the weekend. Me and Alec headed down to OKC for Christiane and Dylan's graduation. We arrived to a PACKED Gymnasium! Seriously, It was crazy...I think OC needs to build a larger facility to accommodate for graduation! However, we got a great seat. We even got to see Christiane use her Nursing degree about two minutes after receiving her diploma. A man who was sitting on the stage fell and hit his head. It was quite a scary moment as everyone in the gym went silent. It all happened so fast but Christiane and a few of her nursing friends ran to the stage to help. They went behind the curtain and the speaker finished out the ceremony. Turned out that the man was going to be okay. Because of this little event Christiane will have very few pictures in her graduation gown because she took it off to help clean up the blood that was all over the floor. A couple hours later we were back at OC for Christiane's pinning...It was really neat to share that experience with her. 

I made Christiane take this picture...I really thought that she should have been the one to light the lamp during the ceremony(check out that guy looking at her like she was crazy...nope buddy your wrong its her best friend that's the crazy one). She is such a trooper for putting up with me and my weird picture requests!
So proud of my friend!
Me and Alec decided to make a weekend of the whole thing and stay at a really nice hotel in downtown OKC called The Skirvin Hilton Hotel. It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures:

The Lobby
and again
Our room

I realized we hadn't taken a picture together all day and Alec looked so cute in his new suit. So we set the timer...this was the best we could get.
Then Saturday was very eventful. We ate breakfast, went to the OKC national memorial. It was incredible. Unfortunately, it was raining the entire time so we got soaked all for the soul purpose of me getting a few pictures. We did enjoy the museum and left a little heavy hearted but it was good to remember what happened so close to home. Next, we went to bricktown and ate lunch and got dessert. Then it was off to Edmond to visit our friends store, Adora, if you live in the OKC area or are ever passing through you need to go there. They have great stuff! We were able to catch up with them which was nice...it had been a very long time! Then we headed over to Kyle and Megs. Your home is beautiful even though it is located in Edmond and not Tulsa, I still loved it :) We enjoyed visiting and catching up with them as well. We ate Thai food for dinner then head to Cuppies and Joes to meet Christiane and her family. I want to go back there soon! It was adorable! Then it was off to Christiane and Dylan's graduation party at there adorable house. This was when I got to meet their dog Ringo and when I fell in love. I loved him and have now seriously considered getting a bull terrier (thanks a lot guys)! We had a great time at the party! 

Here are some pictures I took at the Oklahoma City National Memorial:

Sunday we got up and headed to Arcadia, Oklahoma to eat at Pops on route 66. It was pretty neat and we got some very interesting pop to take home. 
Alec enjoying his pop on the drive home.