Monday, July 20, 2009

The big blue room

When we moved into our house over a year ago we had big plans for our main living spaces...some have been completed others are still on the list (which is to be expected). One of the extra rooms turned into somewhat of a storage space (see pictures below and you will see what I mean). This room was HUGE and BLUE (ceiling and all). We knew when we bought the house we would want to paint it. So this past March over my spring break I spent a few days priming and painting the walls. It seemed like a simple enough task except for the fact that underneath the girlie border was another border that had been painting over! We sprayed, scraped, steamed, and scraped some more. Not much progress was being made so I made a decision that we were just going to cover up the dark blue with some lovely white bead board. I am very excited about the idea and I hope that it will look somewhat like how I imagine it in my head (we'll see). Okay enough is a picture of the room when we moved in. Please remember that we are not even close to being finished with this room I just wanted you to see the beautiful crown molding that Alec installed this weekend! I LOVE it! He's quite the handy man! 

The blue room before
the border that was around the room
The new color on the wall and ceiling and the wonderful crown molding!
See what I mean about this room being our extra storage room!
The bead board will come up to the top of the light blue paint on the wall.
I think one of the reasons that this room is taking so long to finish is because Alec knows I want to make it a nursery for when we have a baby (which is not going to be anytime soon so don't get excited) and he thinks the quicker it gets finished the sooner I will want to have baby. Haha, he kills me! 


Karla said...

Catie! We also have a big blue room equipped with ugly border...Ha I have not done anything to it yet. It is a guy room of sorts with two couches, xbox, drum set, and bowflex machine. Needless to say, it is last on my list! Ha Your room is really coming along. I love the trim!

M&M plus 1 said...

Oh to have your artistic talent! I'm terrified of buying a house that has rooms that need work done simply because neither Maher nor I are any good with our hands.
What a gift!