Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another one

We randomly got a new dog...

After a day full of arguing/discussing whether or not to get a new dog, I gave in. Alec had been wanting another dog since the day we brought Babette home last summer. I, however, was completely content with one dog. So over the course of a year Alec had brought up another dog in casual conversation quite frequently and I would just brush it off like nothing had been said. Until one day I might have entertained the thought for a half a second (just to get Alec's hopes up...only to crush them). Alec was persistent though and started looking online for French bulldog puppies. And what are the odds that he found a puppy in Tulsa only 4 miles from our house (are you kidding me)! After being harassed for hours about this puppy I told him we could just go by and see the puppy (bad idea). We left the breeders house that night in love. An hour later we went back by and put down the deposit. 

We have now had him for two weeks...he is nine weeks old, 6 pounds, and so cute!

His name is Fronk (like from Father of the Bride)

They love to play with this stick!
I absolutely LOVE this looks like both the dogs are smiling.

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