Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worry Wart Here...

Okay, let me start out by saying that I am probably one of the biggest worriers EVER! This is a trait that I definitely inherited from my father. He might worry a little more than me...might...it's pretty close though. So why all the worry talk you ask?

Yesterday it was forecasted that freezing rain would begin falling in the Tulsa area around noon. And to my surprise it actually did! I was shocked the meteorologists hit it right on the nose this time. Well, I work in a small town outside of Tulsa in a pretty rural area. The only way to get to my school is to go up and down two very steep hills. So when the weather started the school was a buzz about what way to get out of there. This spun me into worry mode. By the time 3:30 had rolled around I was seriously a nervous wreck. I didn't want to leave. Quite frankly, I wanted my hubby or my daddy to come pick me up. But after defrosting my car and talking to Alec on the phone for a while I decided I could make it up the hill. Needless to say, all that worrying was for nothing. It wasn't terrible getting up the hill...it was very slick, but I made it. 

My drive usually takes about 22 minutes but yesterday it turned into an hour. I was actually surprised at how cautious MOST everyone was driving. Except for a select few who need to be taken off the streets altogether. Some people are just idiots in weather like this. By the time I got to Broken Arrow the roads weren't near as bad as they were in Sapulpa which made it easy for me to pull up into my steep driveway just fine. 

Now because I worry so much I had decided not to pick my dog up from my parents house (where she goes most every day I go to work). Instead I decided she would just spend the night and then we would get her today. So we made the journey to pick her up around noon today. On the way there the roads weren't to bad except in my parents neighborhood...seriously it was bad. But we made it there, picked her up, and headed back to BA. On the journey back the freezing rain/sleet had picked up and the streets seemed worse. When we finally got back we started pulling into our shoveled and salted driveway but couldn't make it up into the garage so Alec got out and shoveled a little more and put some more salt down then he tried again and was successful. My little civic is sitting pretty in the garage where it belongs and we are in for the night. All in all I think the civic took the streets on like a champ!

Here are a few quick pictures I took on our drive and a few from our front yard.

Views from the Creek Turnpike on the way to pick up Babette.
Iced over plants in our yard.
Stay warm!

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