Monday, January 19, 2009

Emerson's 1st Birthday!

I started this blog a few days ago and just now got around to finishing it. 

Last Saturday was my nieces 1st birthday. I have, for some reason, been designated as official family photographer. Normally I love the fact that I am the picture taker in the family but on this day I  was a bit nervous. When we got to Emerson's birthday sister-in-law proceeded to tell me that she was not even going to get her camera out since I was there. What!!! It was her daughters first birthday and she wasn't going to take a single picture! Needless to say that made me a bit nervous and by the end of the party I was sweating bullets! I mean that is a lot of pressure. Although, I was nervous I think I got a few cute shots. But mainly Emerson seemed to be very interested in her older brother during the party so the majority of the pictures are of her smiling/looking his way. 

Here are a few pictures. I took over 200 so I had to pick my few favorites to post.

Ready to dig into those gifts!
More proof that girls love shoes, no matter what the age. This was the first gift she opened and she would not put them down the rest of the day. I love how she is looking so sweetly at her new squeakers.
The birthday girl on her new polka dotted chair.
See the shoes?
Alec's favorite picture.
Has everyone seen my new shoes yet???
She's on the move.
Pay attention to me! I'm the birthday girl!
A girls 1st birthday is just not complete without a tutu these days.
Sometimes it is just necessary to cut out the gigantic bows.
Her Birthday Princess hat.
Her little cake, hat, and bib.
The big cake for everyone else made by Emerson's mom.
She really loves cake.

I was going to upload a few more of her eating the cake. Then I decided you've probably seen enough and if you made it this far you are completely bored.

After her party we went to her 7 year old brothers basketball game which was fun/funny to watch. Man, some parents are a little to intense. I'm just saying.

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