Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sorry! Its extremely long!

Its time to fall back which is probably one of my favorite days of the year...I love sleep so getting an extra hour could not make me any more happy (not to mention I really need it for this upcoming week)!Life lately has been extremely busy...I feel as thought I'm always saying that but its the truth and it often makes me long for my wonderful 2 month summer vacation! 

These last few months have been rather crazy for the Lawrence's.  

Beginning in early September Alec went hunting in the panhandle of Texas with all of his college buddies. It has become somewhat of a tradition to take this hunting trip every year and it seems as though they always come away with some really interesting stories not to mention a ton of poor dead dove :(

A few weeks later Alec went to a casino along the Oklahoma/Texas line for a bachelor party for an old roommate. It sounded like they had a fun time.

Then the last weekend in September we headed down to Abilene for our friends wedding! We had such a wonderful time seeing so many great friends! For just a few hours it felt like college again. The wedding was beautiful (at one of my favorite places in Abilene...the Paramount)! I was able to go eat lunch with my teacher friends Rachel and Sarah! It made me really miss teaching with them but it was wonderful catching up! I will always love Abilene and hope we get a chance to go back soon (I'm hoping for sing song....what do you think Alec????)
     At the wedding reception

Then in early October I had a conference in Edmond for two days (Thursday and Friday). Then I left early Saturday morning to fly to San Antonio for my good friend Hannah's wedding. Alec was not able to go with me so it turned into a great girls weekend for me! I was happily greeted at the airport by my wonderful friend Brooke...she was so sweet to cart me all over town all weekend and let me stay with her as well! We were able to spend so much great time together and catch up on made me really not want to leave...but I can't wait until Brooke comes to visit me over Christmas break (PLEASE)!!!
     Beautiful Brooke and me at the wedding.
  Me and the gorgeous Hannah on her wedding day!

Hannah's wedding was gorgeous! She was glowing all weekend and I feel so lucky to have been able to share those special days with her! 

The next week Babette got spade. Poor baby. But she has made a full recover and sadly enough is still as hyper as before...I've heard that after their surgery that changes...well not for Babette!

Then a few days later Alec went on a business trip to Chicago for a week. It was the longest amount of time Alec has been away from me since we have been married....I survived! In fact, life was pretty easy because I stayed with my parents all week. I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous but my parents house is about fifteen minutes closer to my work and I got free meals every night so I couldn't really resist. However, me and Babette were so ready for him to come home!!

Just this last week, school was crazy! Halloween was largely to blame but we had a few other things that contributed as well, like: our huge AR party, a field trip, Veteran's day program practice, and family fun night (where I worked a 13 hour day). I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break like you would not believe!

Then just last night, Halloween, we went trick or treating with our two nephews and precious niece! They were adorable in their costumes (my mother in law made the boys costumes and they were incredible)! We had a lot of fun!
     The Space Aliens
Really ready for the fun to start!
An upset Emerson...she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a butterfly.

Then she decided that she looked pretty good :)

Seriously the most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen!

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Life as a Spencer! said...

My long lost friend-I loved catching up on what is going on in the Lawrence world. We need to plan a weekend together sometime soon. Love you girlie!