Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I can't believe November is already halfway over. Being a teacher all major holidays are built up about 100 x's more than the average person! We do lessons, art activities, journal, programs, etc. focused on these holidays which just lead to bigger build up and anticipation. Every teacher knows how many day until ______________ (you name the holiday). 

Well, all that to say, I can't wait until Thanksgiving break. I need a break and can't wait to spend time with family. We are going to Branson with Alec's family (which has become a Lawrence family tradition). Then Saturday we are having Thanksgiving with my family. 

But what I am most excited about at this point is TWILIGHT!! It comes out Friday. I really wanted to go to the midnight showing but when I got on the computer to order tickets (on Sunday) they were sold out :( But I do plan on going Saturday and I can't wait!

Karla got me hooked on the Twilight series this summer...she had tried to get me to read it and at first I was a little apprehensive. I mean I'm not the type of girl who is interested in books about vampires. But I took her word for it and read the first three books within a few weeks this summer. Sadly, after school started up my reading time has depleted greatly. I'm still working on the 4th book and love it so far! Seriously if you haven't read these books you should. Thanks Karla! I've always known you have great taste. I don't know why I doubted you!

A few weeks ago I got to take pictures of my 2 nephews and niece for their family Christmas card. I wish that I got a better picture of the three of them together but the boys were not interested in being photographed and they let me know it! Sweet little 10 month old Emerson was loving it though! 


Blakety Blake said...

Hi Catie! Your welcome for the book recommendation! I am going to the midnight showing! :) I hope things are going well for you! You are right about holidays at school!

conklinlove said...

I just finished the first book in less than a day. You're pretty much the only person that knows that though. Well, I guess the internet knows now.