Friday, July 11, 2008

Our Patio

Still working on the bathroom but thought I would post a picture of our outdoor living space.
I love our new outdoor furniture. It has been so nice to go outside and sit and enjoy a cup of coffee (in the morning or evening) and read a book.

You might notice two grills...which I am not the biggest fan of but we have our original grill and one that the previous homeowners left. I had originally wanted to sell the grill they left in a garage sale, but I think Alec likes the option of having two grills because one is propane and one is charcoal so it looks like we just might end up with two grills. 


Clete & McKenzie said...

LOVE the patio, im a little jealous of the size ;)

Clete & McKenzie said...

time for an update you crazy! :) but seriously i want to hear how you are!