Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Be our guest...

Today, thank goodness I am going to start painting our guest bathroom! It has been a long process to get it ready to paint. 

First we had to remove the wallpaper...not fun. As we were removing it we found that it was the bare drywall underneath so that meant only one thing...Alec was going to have to mud it and sand the walls out. Alec did that process 3 times...every time he came out of the bathroom from sanding he was covered in he said, "I look like a giant powdered donut." I have to agree. The bathroom was covered in dust. It was disgusting, so I cleaned it up yesterday and caulked along the baseboards. Now were ready for the paint.

Here is the bathroom before with the tragic wallpaper...I'll post updated pictures when I've finished painting.

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