Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthdays and Cold/Snow Days!

So a few weeks ago was my birthday...I turned 25...I kinda hate the thought of being 25. It seems so old but I'm coping with it okay. It was a wonderful birthday. It was so cold that day that school was cancelled. But it wasn't too cold for me to go out to eat and go shopping with my mom. I loved it!

Then a few days later was my niece, Emerson's, 2nd birthday. Here are a few pictures:

Today was a snow day! NO SCHOOL! Here are some pictures from the snow/ice...its so pretty. We measured at about 4:00 while it was still coming down pretty good and we had 6 inches of snow!

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The Hardwick's said...

Amazing pictures Catie! Love the green tutu! Glad you had a great birthday {I didn't like turning 25 either!}