Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Very White Christmas

Blizzard 2009 has come and may have changed our plans a bit and caused a little bit of trouble for us but really who doesn't want a white Christmas??? We received something like 8-12 inches of snow (I never heard the exact total) It came in on Christmas Eve and made for an interesting drive from both of our parents houses back to our house...we were lucky to make it home in one piece with no stuck vehicle. Lots of pictures below...none of our family (I was getting too stressed out about the blizzard that I didn't take pictures...luckily I think other family members did.)

Alec cooking Christmas morning breakfast on our Christmas gift to each other, the stove (and the microwave).

Alec still working hard in the kitchen
Here are a few of my favorite ornaments
"Our First Christmas" from X-mas 2006

Our ugly Christmas cookies...they are hideous but they were so fun to make with Alec and especially fun to eat.
Our tree after Christmas

My favorite new decoration this hanging snowflakes.


Two of my favorite Christmas books from my childhood

Our white to remember

Our first (and possibly only) white Christmas in our house

Some Christmas morning shoveling

A look down the street on Christmas morning

No need to make a snowman...we already had one

The backyard before the dogs tore through it...oh how they love the snow!

These pictures are from my parents house...I always love my mom's decorations!

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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The Hardwick's said...

Glad y'all survived the blizzard! Love all of your {and your mom's} Christmas decorations! Where did you get your stockings?