Monday, November 30, 2009

Hoping for a Splendiferous Christmas!

My new favorite children's book:
I think I may be reading this book to my students everyday until Christmas break! It never hurts for them to learn all of her fancy language and its just too cute!

A picture of our house decked out in Christmas lights! Alec did a great job and only fell off the ladder once (he's okay, and said his fall was rather graceful)! He is so meticulous about the lights...just another thing I love about him!
I can't believe its December already!! Where did 2009 go???


The Hardwick's said...

Your lights look beautiful! I love all the Fancy Nancy books! I saw the new one in a store the other day and I have to have it!

Bonnie said...

The lights look great! Tell Alec he did a great job! We love the Fancy Nancy Book! That's what the girls got from the Book Fair at school. But I haven't seen the Christmas one! I'll have to see if our library carries it.