Friday, October 30, 2009

Surgery and Pumpkin's

Well first off let me tell you about my most recent news, last week I woke up with absolutely terrible pain in my abdomen and back. I was up all night and thought a few times about going to the ER but instead decided to tough it out. However, I knew something was really wrong so I went to the urgent care that day and they set up an ultrasound for me because they thought it was something with my gallbladder. So I went and got my ultrasound and told the technician that I thought the first time I got an ultrasound would be because I was having a baby but instead of a baby I was having gallstones! Then next thing I did was head to a surgeon to talk to him about what I needed to do. There is no other option but to take out my gallbladder. I have multiple gallstones and I couldn't hate them more! I will be having surgery this coming Wednesday so prayers are appreciated. I will be out of work for recovery at least a week and a half. I have been in pretty terrible pain since my last attack and can't really eat much more than soup and crackers so I'm hoping I make it until Wednesday.

In other news my niece Emerson came over to our house a few weeks ago and her mom wanted me to take some pictures of her in her outfit so here they are. I know I'm biased but she is just too cute!

I love this picture such a sweet moment.

Then we went to the pumpkin patch to take pictures...some are quite funny.
Such cute kids!

This girl did not want to smile!
Then she changed her mind
Kaleb on his horse Sugar
Avery on his horse Princess...we were lucky that no tears were shed because he got the horse named princess. While they were waiting in line he just kept saying "I better not get Princess" haha...we all thought it was pretty funny though!

Avery's pumpkin
She couldn't decide
Kaleb really wanted this one...and tried to pick it up multiple times
But he decided on this one instead
I love their faces they were pretty fed up with pictures at this point!
Climbing all around little sister.

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I hope you are feeling much better!