Saturday, August 29, 2009


I feel like the past few weeks have been a whirlwind! After coming home from our trip to Boston I spent nearly everyday at school getting ready for my new students. Its crazy because you would think there would not be that much to do since I'm in the same classroom and teaching the same grade as last year....WRONG! My first day of school was Aug. 20th and I was definitely ready to meet my new kiddos...we have had 7 days of school so far and it is going well...although I miss my kids from last year (they were an awesome class) I know that the Lord has placed each and every one of these students in my classroom for a reason and I can't wait to get to know them and see how the Lord wants to use me this year for these students! Also, I've been very excited this year because my friend Bonnie from high school has her daughter in a Kindergarten class at my school so I get to see her and her precious daughter more! 

Besides school I've done a few other things...saw Keith Urban and Sugarland in concert with my mommy...we had a great time and what made it even better was that Keith walked within 5 feet of us....we were squealing like little girls! 

I've celebrated 9 family birthdays and have two more to go in September...then were done until January! 

We also have welcomed a new "nephew" into the family...well he's a dog but that still counts! He's an English bulldog and his name is Sherlock.

My lovely parents!

A family picture on Mommy's Birthday! 
My sis-in-law Bekah's Birthday!
Alec's Birthday!

Marble Slab ice cream cake...delicious!


Little that smile!


Karla said...

It sounds like everything is going great for you two, which is great!! Hopefully, we can talk some time soon. I was very sad not to be see you when I went to that concert, but it was a very quick trip....concert and then home again. I wish I could have seen you!! Maybe some time!!

Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

we just got back from Keith and it was amazing!! he didn't walk close to us--but I would have been squealing like a little girl if he had! Hope your school year continues to go well!